Legendary American poet Michael C. Ford reviews "Particle Kid" LP

I am honored to be recognized by a legendary American poet, Michael C. Ford. 

A legendary voice on the LA poetry scene, MICHAEL C FORD has produced a steady stream of print and recorded product since 1970.

His debut spoken word vinyl {on SST} LANGUAGE COMMANDO earned a Grammy nomination in 1986.

His book of Selected Poems entitled EMERGENCY EXITS was honored by a 1998 Pulitzer Prize nomination.

Michael’s New record: MICHAEL C FORD – LOOK EACH OTHER IN THE EARS, featuring The Doors members Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore can be found at Amazon.com

He had some very nice things to say about my record...thank you, Michael!
"Totally groove with the Particle guy product and
getting a real authentic, original vibe from his take
on American Contemporary melodic sculpture.
I particularly worship what he’s projecting on
Forever Friend and Slips Away. These are smash hits
on the jukebox in my brain.
I remember Harlan (Steinberger) playing some roughs for me a while
ago and it's a great pleasure for me to, now, listen to
the finished music document by this luminous talent."

-Michael C Ford