Hotel Carpet Coffee Table Book Update

  ... and for those who have been eagerly awaiting the ... 


If you follow the Particlekid Instagram account, maybe you have noticed that there is a frequency of posts documenting eclectic hotel carpets. 
 These carpet patterns have inspired an album of instrumental glow-fi/trip-hop/folk-jazz sound collage music. 

 Rather than turn the images into a physical coffee table book, Micah and his longtime friend/collaborator David Wexler (Strangeloop) are creating an interactive virtual reality hotel, which will be accessible through a public VR platform called The Wave and will debut the Hotel Carpet pattern music. A digital download of album will be available inside the VR hotel lobby's gift shop.  

  PARTICLE KID - Hotel Carpet Virtual Reality album COMING SOON on The WaveVR !! Keep your earballz peeled ...